Our homes
Welcome to our two-home cattery! If you are wondering what a two-home cattery is, it means that my mother and I have our cats living in both our homes and the cats like this arrangement.
Our cats runs free in both homes and we never cage them. The houses are close to each other so my males and females are just as happy in one home as the other so they can take turns in both homes. This is a very good arrangement because when I am away on holiday my mother can take care of my cats and when she is away I can look after her cats.
The cats are allowed to sleep wherever they like but most of the time they prefer our beds!

We have safe outdoor gardens for them and they can come in or go out as they please. You can see some photos of the outside areas for our cats.
My friends say that the cats are too spoiled, but for me it is very important that the cats are happy and healthy. They are a lot of fun and give me so much affection. At the end of the day when I go to bed all the cats are in the bed with me and I go to sleep with the sound of purring in my ear.
I am also very lucky that all my cats get on so well together so I know they are relaxed and happy.

In the following pictures you can see how the cats live in our homes.